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Code: BL1M1P-EU

A completely portable DNA laboratory. Bento Lab is a portable PCR workstation with PCR machine, a microcentrifuge, gel electrophoresis, transilluminator


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Bento Lab - Portable PCR Workstation

Bento Lab offers a complete portable DNA Laboratory, making DNA lab work accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Bento Lab combines PCR machine, a microcentrifuge, gel electrophoresis tank and a blue LED transilluminator, all in one neat package. It fits into any laptop bag and can travel wherever your science goes.

Take your lab wherever you go
Bring your sequencing workflow in your hand luggage. Test samples on site and collect data immediately.

A portable solution for sample prep
Extract DNA and prepare libraries for sequencing. Advance in‐the‐field sequencing with a mobile workflow. Take advantage of Bento Lab for DNA extraction and library preparation in extreme environments.

Prepare DNA barcodes for sequencing
Bring key steps in house and get results faster. Produce good amplicons from very small amounts of sample material, ready for sequencing with a portable sequencer, or an external partner.

Isothermal Thermocycler
Fast, repeatable PCR results with accurate, uniform block temperature for routine PCR. Equally useful as a block incubator with or without heated lid. Precise, rapid temperature measurements using platinum resistance thermometers, the industry gold standard.

No need for extra devices
Intuitive graphical PCR protocol editor on-screen. No need to connect to a phone, tablet or laptop to edit your protocols. Save up to 100 PCR protocols. Validated design with performance verified by researchers at world-leading research universities. Fully compatible with standard plasticware and reagents.

Fit your lab in a bag
Portable PCR workflow, bring your lab on your field trip. Bento Lab fits into your briefcase with enough room to add pipettes and other essentials.

Got 48 seconds?
See how Bento Lab works.

What’s inside?
Explore detailed technical specifications for Bento Lab:

PCR Thermocycler
Temperature Range: 12 °C to 102 °C, supports touchdown
Block size: 32 wells, 0.2 mL tubes
Ramp rate: up to 2.5 °C/s
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 °C of programmed target
Temperature uniformity: ± 0.5 °C well-to-well
Lid temperature range: Ambient to 120 °C
Memory: Store up to 100 PCR programs

Variable Speed: 3,000 – 13,500 rpm
Variable RCF: 500 – 8,000 g
Modes: Quick spin or timed spin
Capacity: 6 x 2 mL tubes

Gel Electrophoresis
Variable Voltage: 30V – 120V
Gel tray dimensions: 91 mm x 78 mm
Gel volume: 25 mL gel, 30 mL buffer
Wells: 9 and 12 well combs
Gel Box and Imaging Hood included

Surface dimensions: 105 mm x 85 mm
Electronics Design: Blue LED array
LED wavelength: 468 nm (visible blue light)
Material: Scratch-resistant acrylic plastic

Dimensions: 330mm x 214mm x 81mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Universal Power: 110 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz
Memory LCD Display, Click-Dial Interface
Wireless connectivity for software updates

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