Extraction Kit, Mag-Bind PX Blood RNA Kit, 4 x 96 preps

Code: M7763-01

Isolate RNA from samples stabilized in PAXgene or Tempus blood RNA tubes using magnetic beads. Mag-Bind PX Blood RNA Kit for convenient and fast RNA extraction


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The Mag-Bind® PX Blood RNA 96 Kit provides a convenient and fast RNA extraction solution for samples stabilized in PreAnalytiX PAXgene™ or Applied Biosystems’ Tempus™ blood RNA tubes. This system combines Mag-Bind® particles with HiBind® silica technologies for purification of total RNA from up to 2.5 mL preserved blood samples. The blood sample is spun down and the crude RNA/DNA pellet is collected and washed. The pellet is then resuspended and digested with Proteinase K. The lysate is applied to a filter plate to remove genomic DNA. This procedure completely removes inhibitors and sample stabilization reagents to allow for reliable downstream analysis. High quality purified RNA can be used for downstream applications such as qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, and microarray analysis.

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