Amphotericin B Solution (100x)

Code: AMP-B

Amphotericin B Solution is an antifungal antibiotic, and can be added to cell culture media. Prevents contamination of cell cultures with yeast or fungi. 100ml


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Capricorn Scientific Amphotericin B Solution is an antimycotic solution, consisting of Amphotericin B with Sodium Deoxycholate as an emulsifying agent to maintain the suspension.

Amphotericin B prevents the growth of fungi by causing an increase in the fungal plasma membrane permeability. It is used to prevent the contamination of cell cultures by yeast and multicellular fungi. The antimycotic binds with ergosterol in the fungus membrane, leading to formation of pores. By this process, the fungus starts leaking important ions, finally resulting in cell death.

This product is prepared in cell culture-grade water and provided as a ready-to-use 100x concentrate.

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