FreezeMe One, Cryopreservation Medium

Code: FM1-F

FreezeMe One is a cryopreservation medium, which contains pre-selected Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). It is suitable for long-term storage of various cell types. 50ml


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Capricorn Scientific FreezeMe One is a cryoprotective medium for cell culture that contains 10% DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and 20% FBS. As a complete freezing medium, FreezeMe One can be used for, e.g. long-term storage of an established cell line or cell stock maintenance.

DMSO and FBS serve as cryoprotective agents that reduce the freezing point of the medium. This allows a more sustainable cooling rate, reducing the potential damage done by ice crystal formation.

The serum used is extensively tested to protect cells during cell preservation. FreezeMe One is a ready-to-use solution that is suitable for a broad spectrum of both adherent and suspension cells.

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