Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2.0ml, Screw Cap Tube, Self Standing, Skirted base, Sterile, Pack of 1000

Code: P10236

ABDOS Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes, graduated, self-standing, sterile and compatible with automated systems. Black-coloured O-ring for maximum sealing.


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ABDOS Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes are self-standing with a skirted base and compatible with automated systems.

  • Screw cap tubes free from DNase/ RNase, pyrogen, endo-toxins and ATP
  • Gamma irradiated offers free of RNase/DNase, DNA, Pyrogen, Endotoxin, ATP and PCR Inhibitor
  • 100% virgin polypropylene, resin offers high clarity and is ideal for biological and enzyme applications
  • O-ring design, thickness and material selection is optimized to provide protective features for maximum sealing ability, biologic interaction and temperature capability. The black coloured O-ring is made from EPDM
  • Compatible with automated systems. Filling, capping or labelling, these tubes are designed to withstand high torque pressures associated with automation
  • Ideal for storage, transport of samples or reagents and for other biological applications
  • Skirted tubes can stand upright on their own, no rack is required
  • Maximum RCF 20,000 x g
  • Temperature Range -80°C to +95°C. Short-term storage in -80°C, -20°C, dry ice and wet ice. Short-term storage in vapour phase LN2. Suitable for a quick dip flash freeze in LN2
  • Water Bath compatible up to +95°C

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