QuadCount Automated Cell Counter, 230V

Code: E7500-E

Eliminate human error with the QuadCount Automated Cell Counter. Reduces counting errors, save time, and improve efficiency. Disposable slides with 4 chambers


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The Accuris QuadCount improves on the simple technique of brightfield microscopy by utilizing an LED light source, precision optics and a high resolution CMOS detector.  A finely tuned, motorized XYZ positioning stage provides for extra fine focusing and ability to capture multiple images.

  • Fast, accurate and reproducible results
  • Intuitive software and touch-screen interface
  • Convenient and cost-effective QuadSlides
  • Count sample volumes up to 3.6ul
  • Compatible with most common mammalian cell lines

With count speeds at fast as 20 seconds per sample, the Accuris QuadCount provides many advantages over the tedious and time consuming manual hemocytometry method.  The advanced software eliminates human bias in dead/live determinations, reduces counting errors, saves time, and improves efficiency.

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