QuickSilver PBS Buffer Powder, 100 pouches

Code: EB1200

PBS premeasured powder buffer packs. Commonly used for cell culture applications, as well as HPLC and MS. Ready-to-use buffer


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Accuris QuickSilver Buffer Packs provide the ultimate in convenience for quickly making fresh, ready-to-use buffer.

  • Premeasured pouches make 1 liter of 1X buffer solution
  • Just empty pouch into water and stir – no diluting of stock solutions
  • No pH adjustment necessary
  • Quality and consistency guaranteed
  • Nuclease and protease free
  • Long shelf life

Western Blotting, ELISA, Cell Culture, Chromatography - QuickSilver™ PBS and PBST

Because its osmolality and ion concentration closely mimic that of the human body, PBS is commonly used for cell culture applications, as well as HPLC and MS. PBST is a wash buffer and diluent for ELISA. The 1X PBS solution contains 137mN NaCl, 2.7mM KCl and 10mM phosphate. PBST is supplemented with 0.05% Tween-20.

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